The culture funds of the Société Suisse des Auteurs (SSA) donate the TanzPlan Ost Scholarship Award for Choreography in the amount of 5000 Swiss francs. This year, the scholarship is awarded to Elenita Queiroz for her piece «48 seconds». Elenita Queiroz was born and raised in Brazil, where she studied dance, education, and culture management. Since then, she has produced her own plays, since 2016 together with her association Basis 56 in St. Gall. She graduated with a Master in expanded theater by the Bern University of Arts with «48 seconds», where she dove into the topics of migration, assimilation, and belonging in our ever-moving society. Elenita Queiroz gets to the bottom of the physical and psychological consequences of these phenomena. 

The award ceremony will be held on 18 November at the Lokremise in St. Gall.

Choreography, performance, idea, concept: Elenita Queiroz
Outside Eye: Ted Stoffer